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Coronado Cupcakery

Coronado Cupcakery


Where are you located?
We are located at 1201 1st St. Suite #104, in Coronado, California at the beautiful Coronado Ferry Landing shopping center, directly across from the pond and facing the harbor.

How much time in advance do you need for large or special orders?
Just a couple of days at the most, usually we only need more than 24 hours if order requires a lot of detail.

Do you deliver?
Sometimes we can deliver on the island.  Just ask and
we’ll try and work something out.

Can you package the smell of your store and sell it?
We're working on it…we're working on it.

Do you bake muffins?
We sure do! We currently bake blueberry, chocolate chip, raspberry, bran, pumpkin, banana nut and lemon poppy seed.

Do you serve coffee?
Yep!  We have delicious Caffe Calabria coffee. For more information check out their website We also serve tea and delicious hot chocolate.

Do you ship your cupcakes?
Not at this time but we'll try and change that soon.

Do you bake cakes?
Of course! We make all kinds of cakes.  For more information email

Do you bake cookies?
Absoutley!  We bake all kinds for special occasion and events. Email and we can get you more information.

Do you bake mini cupcakes?
We make minis for special order only.  They aren't one or two bite-sized though; they are three to four bites and similar to the size of a cupcake you would bake at home, but not as delicious!  Shoot us an email at and we can talk more about mini cupcakes in detail.

Is it hard to work at the Cupcakery and not eat all the cupcakes?  
Oh for sure!  We all get excited when we “accidently” mess one up and get to eat it.

Where did all the cupcake names come from?
Our mom made the “Mama Rosa” for us when we were little, so it’s named after her while the rest are named after friends, family, and inside jokes.

Do you custom decorate?
Yes we do! We love decorating and are more than happy to custom decorate for your event.  All you need to do is ask.  Check out our gallery page for more ideas and email for more information.

Do you cater weddings?  
Yes! We make all sorts of cakes and cupcake towers for weddings. Check out our gallery page for more ideas or email for more information.

Do you have gluten free or vegan cupcakes?  
Not at this time unfortunately, but check back because hopefully we will soon!

Are you a franchise?
Nope. Four sisters, all raised on Coronado, own it.  The youngest is 17, oldest is 25.

When are the cupcakes baked?
All cupcakes are made fresh every day on site.  Depending on the amount of orders we start baking as early as 3 am and as late as 6 am.

What’s your favorite cupcake?
We don’t have a favorite, picking a favorite would be like picking a favorite child. We love them all equally. Our most popular are Black Bottom Betty, Sassy Jackie and Velvet Valerie.

There’s a bird that sits by the pond across the store, do you know what kind it is?
Oh yeah, that’s Sully! We think he's a blue heron.

Do you have “red velvet” cupcakes?  
Do we ever! Velvet Valerie is available every day.

Who do we contact about donations from Coronado Cupcakery for local charities and events?
Talk to Rosalina via email at

Aren’t you sick of cupcakes yet?
Not at all! We're scared for that day to come, though we doubt it ever will.